All booked for Kenya trip two !

We are now ready and booked for our second trip to Kenya. We will leave during the day of the 22nd of February. Last time we travelled by night, but losing a night sleep and then stepping out of the plane at 2000 meters altitude is not something I…

would recommend πŸ™‚ So this time we stay a night in Nairobi before we fly up to Eldoret the next day.

This time, like last time, we will be 10 people there. Two new ones will come with us, one of them being Gunhild Halle Haugen – my teammate in Runar IL and a 15.09/31.47 5000/1000 meter runner. It is her first altitude stay – and what better place to start than Kenya.

I am really looking forward to going down again. I am still doing post-altitude testing and then I will be down there in only about a week. I feel like the winter is just flying right past me ! Great for training and perfect for the motivation.

All well with me,