All the distance stars at the training track today

Today, three days before the prelims (heats) in my 5000 meters I was on the track doing a workout. And it was really intersting to be there. You had almost all the best distance runners there….that is ; the Etiopians, the Kenyans and some of the…

Marroccons. The Ethiopian 5000 meter runners were doing 400s in 57-58 with really long recoveries, the Kenyans were doing 300s in 44-46 also with long recoveries. While Haile Gebreselassie was doing 100 meter sprints with his group. Rumours in the Athletes Village say that he is in really good shape after the operation he had in November and has been training almost fully since January. But I am not sure. Both Frank and I thought he did not look as sharp as before (he is a 12.39/26.22 man…) – but more like last year when he won in Sydney (and did not look as smooth as usual…but still won :))) ). I think it will be a great race. Also, it will be fun to see how Abderrahim Goumri will do. The Maroccon athlete is still a member of BUL in Oslo, and ran the Holmenkollstafett this spring. I know him well (he used to stay in Norway over the whole summer and fall to train), and I talked with him yesterday. He is ranked 4th with his 27.26 in the 10000 meters.

You see so many well trained athletes here, it is unbelievable. Strong, exlosive, trained bodies just ready to go out there. It just shows that nothing comes easy. Talent is not running fast without training, it is running faster with training.

I am still feeling fine. I am looking forward to racing. With one World Champ down (in 99) and one Olympics, I feel much more relaxed in this atmosphere. I know when to focus, when to relax and what to do in training. All the little details that can easily be forgotten about the first time you are in this kind of a Championship to compete. Until now all has been smooth – Frank has taken care of things I need, and even run most of the easy workouts with me to keep me in company (poor guy, he almost died after the second session with me today…in 30 degrees C and gradually getting faster 🙂 ) Also, the organization here is EXCELLENT. No problems at all with anything.

All well from the “camp” – three days to go,