Arrived in Kenya

I have arrived Kenya now… We actually arrived the day that the Presidential election results were ready.. Of course we were a bit anxious because we had to stay a night in Nairobi before going up to Eldoret and in the two previous democratic…

elections over 2000 people were killed… But it was VERY quiet after the elections this time. People were happy about the results and very, very proud of how things had gone ; both about the new president (who won by a great margine) and all the support they had recived from other nations saying that the election had been going well.

It is still a national holiday here so it is quiet. People are just chatting to eachother about the political situation (politics is very big down here – probably because the democracy it so young) and how it will be. Lots of expectations so NARC, the new ruling coalition party, has alot of work to do to meet the demand of the people.

I have gone on a few easy runs down here so far. Feeling fine and I think I am ready for several weeks of hard training. Tomorrow a group of seven more Norwegians will arrive here – making it nine. All kinds of levels. It will be a nice change from the October/November stay :)))

All well !