Back in Norway again

After some days with very little sleep (a little the night before the final, a couple of hours the day after, and none on the flight back), I have been dead tired, but am back in Norway again. It is great to be in my homecountry again. I have been…

travelling for a month now, and it is time to get into some regular routines again.

My next race of the season will be the 3000 meters at the Brussels Golden League the 24th of August, exactly two weeks after the Final at the World Champs. It will hopefully be plenty of time to get my legs fresh again and heal (an aggrevated) groin muscle injury. I am looking forward to running a 3000 meter now – I have not run one since my (first) Norwegian record last year of 7.42.05. It will also be interesting to see how my shape is after such a hard Championship.

Just a short update from me. Finally time for some good rest and sleep:)