Back in Oslo, preparing for Florø 2000 meters

I am once again back in Oslo and the familiar training places around here. Today was a very light anaerobic treshold session. I was extremely tired after my last Bolivia training camp and I will be even more careful this time as the season gets…

closer. I have no time to feel tired and worn out. That means missing training sessions.

Franks Kenyan athletes are in Oslo now, and I will get hard competition in the Florø 2000 meters. Last year I got beat by three of them (but I beat them later in the season in the 5000 meters). I hope to be closer this year, but the best of them Joseph Kosgei was second in the Kenyan 3km cross country, right behind 12.54 5000 m. runner Sammy Kipketer, so he will be tough to beat.

First track session at low altitude in the beginning of next week. Until them, I am enjoying great weather in Norway and looking forward to the seasons start 🙂