Back to back quality work

I have been feeling nice and strong here recently and been hitting the quality work with great frequency+accuracy the recent days. Henrik joined me on todays session, ran on the cinder path in the forest reserve. Very flat, though this morning a bit…

windy giving us a tail wind on the way back. Henrik is still feeling strong in his legs so we managed to stick together today also, especially since I had a couple of very recent hard workouts in my legs already. No problem on the way, except a family of wild pigs getting a bit too territorial. Nothing like the alligators though that sometimes appear around the running tracks….

This evening I took a very easy run for recovery, with a quite talented high school runner from the area. Those runs are very comfortable and it is always nice to meet other running enthusiasts in the area you are visiting. I have run both in high school and college over here so I know the great feeling of being part of the running system over here. I sometimes wonder how good the American runners could have been if the system over here – in terms of school spirit/connection had been combined with the more European way of doing the sport (more individualized in terms of work/racing) There should be absolutely no reason for the US not to have a good group of top-top athletes in the longer distances considering the huge number of runners over here and the impressive programs developed. But you never know, the key to long distance running will probably be discussed as long as I live and beyond (or at least as long as the Africans are beating us 🙂 )

Looking foward to a day of only easy running tomorrow after a good nights sleep..

From sunny Florida!


The link below will be activated, probably tomorrow. There you can see some of the area around here, plus some from the mornings workout with Henrik.