Beautiful running conditions out on Bygdøy

I did a nice, long, easy run down south in Oslo today, on an area called Bygdøy. It is a place with beautiful running paths right with the sea on one side, and Oslo city on the other. Quiet and nice.

I love to do those runs. Today was a day…

with blue sky, sun and 7 degrees C. Very rare in the beginning of February here in Norway. And the running paths were clear of ice and snow, also very rare. I really hope it will keep like this until I leave for Bolivia in a month. If I can keep my condition until then, I will get a great float in my training.

The post altitude tests show that I am better this year compared to last year. You never know what will happen from now on, but I feel in control of the training. Last year, I had a groin muscle injury bothering me alot since the middle of February. So much that I could not do all the training I wanted. I have to avoid all sprint work, weights and the very long anaerobic treshold sessions. This year I am healthy (with just some minor things bothering me) and that makes me feel very strong.