Finally an easy week of training

After several weeks of hard work, I had to take this week easy. That means about 80 % of normal training on all work. It feels great to finally do some nice, easy workouts and just build energy for the next hard weeks.

We have had some snow…

and ice once again, so it fits the schedule perfect with the easy sessions now. Yesterday I did a treadmill run at the Toppidrettssenter (Top Athletics Center) and just floated for a bit over half an hour. Frank was there, just to monitor that I was running easy enough. And no problem, I was almost too tired to even get started 🙂 With low to moderate lactate acid levels, those sessions are made just to keep you in shape through the easy week.

Now I will spend the rest of the week sleeping, resting and running smoothly. And from Monday on, it is full training again.