Exceptional treadmill session

Mondays treadmill session was probably the best I have ever done. A bit surprising, but I came off an easy week nice and fresh. I started fairly easy and built speed. At the end I was running well under 5000 meter speed, which is fast on the…

treadmill on longer intervalls. I have more power in my legs this year, and am able to glide and “bounce” even at high speeds. I used to be a 800 meter runner, but when training for the 5000 meters some of the positive adaptions you can as a 800 meter runner has been lost. Alot of mileage and long anaerobic treshold work is not ideal for power and speed endurance. But now it is on the way back, and I am really looking forward to bringing this element into my racing shape this summer.

The results on the treadmill today shows that I have improved well over the winter. I have adjusted the training this year slightly. More quality and easier on the recovery days. And longer quality sessions also. The total comes out to be quite a bit more then last year, but still I keep tight to my principles of training.

We have had great weather here recently, so perfect running conditions. Last year I had trouble keeping the mileage high in between altitude stays due to snow and ice. But this time it has been fine.