Briefly on the treadmill again

Some quite cold days here again, so back on the treadmill to get full effects on the training sessions. So progressive 1 minute intervalls on the treadmill today with short recoveries. It gives you long periods of high heart rate while at the same time keeping your muscular system sharp until the end without lowering the ph in the muscles too much.

Published: Thu, 18 May 2006 by Marius

Another track session this Monday – also in racing flats. These sessions gives me a good feel with the track without burning out the system too early on. Nice and controlled with the lactate meter so ensure the the shape is not peaking in this time a year 🙂

Took a short look at the starting field at the Bislett Games yesterday. Seems strange not preparing for that for the first time in nine years. But hopefully this will be a once in a career time with no collitions with exams like that in the future..

Soon starting the plyometrics/jumping exercises of the year – or taking them from doing it about each 10th day to about 3 times a week to ensure good elasticity in the lower extremities muscles. It is extremely important for the longer distances (just look at the Kenyans….) and probably  one of the most neglected areas in most training programs.

Just a small update!

All well from here:)