Down Under

I am now down here in Australia… finally!!! The travel down here, a good day and a half went very well. We flew business class (the Norwegian Olympic Top Athletics has a sponsorship with the SAS aircompany) and it was nice and comfortable….

I came down here as the first of the Norwegian athletics participants, but the Norwegian beach volleyball team was already here. Ron Clarkes (former WR in the 10000 meters) luxerious private resort the “Couran Cove Resort” is quiet, refreshing and extremely beautiful. It is absolutely perfect for an Olympic preparation. We stay two and two together in the king size apartments.

The first day down here I went on a 14 km run, the Ron Clarke run, to check out the different paths around the island. There are numerous cinder and soft surface places to run, all over the 20 km long and 3 km wide island. There are no cars here, only bikes and small golf carts. And snakes, of course… yesterday, a 3 meter snake (9″) moved across the road right in front of Åsne Havnelid (one of the main leaders) and myself. Not poisonous, but it made me think twice about going on a recovery run on the narrow paths that evening. 🙂

I have yet to get a “nervous” Olympic feeling, because this place seems so far away from all the energy of the Olympics. Which is really a good thing, because it will mean a nice and sound training period, peaking with the travel down to Sydney the 25th, instead of thinking and waiting for the competition for weeks in Sydney.

I have experiences no yet leg, and is well rested. My body feels good, and all well from me here in Australia. 🙂