Early muscular transition

I have had a great week of training last week, doing all the qualitysessions on the treadmill. The change from altitude has been going smoothly, a good indication of training balance.

From now on I will keep the volume up but continue to…

push the sessions. It is good to feel that your muscular system gets the work needed while at the same time the inner chemistry is working.

To help me with the transition into faster (and more muscular) work, I have brought in one of the team-members Leif Olav Alnes on weekly trainings. He is a sprint coach and has excellent knowledge of anything concerning speed and the muscular system. I am lucky to have the freedom to bring in people like that, with special knowledge, when it is needed. A person with a “sprinters mind” will not be distracted by all the “truths” distance runners take for granted and therefore you get challenged in a totally different way. What makes perfect logical sense for me – from my viewpoint, may not (and sometimes do not) seem so natural for someone coming from a totally different angle. In that way you get a great dialogue with new thoughts and ideas. I have been training on a high level for so many years now and I can feel it is refreshing to have someone there during those workouts. It is good for training and and it good for motivation. What I like about training is really not doing the training itself, but planning it – seeing the progression day by day, finding out new things, projecting and discovering how to do things better. That is what makes running worthwhile spending time and energy on. And with those extra drops of energy from “outside” people during the week you manage to keep those things alive 🙂

Next training camp will be during Eastern break and in Italy, close to the Pisa area. So until then, I will stay on the treadmill and do the progressive work there.