Enjoying the last part of the stay

I am leaving for home in a few days, so just pressing on for the last training days. I did a double quality session yesterday and was nicely tired in the evening, so plenty of Italian food and drink at dinner before bedtime.

We had a…

beautiful day here yesterday – showed us the best of Toscany. Clear sky, about 20 degrees C and no wind. Excellent for training and excellent for relaxing between the trainings. Just sitting outside and let time go by slowly until the next training. And with a positive group of athletes around it is easy to get that kind of extra work done. Hopefully is will pay off when the season is coming.

Also some time for some sightseeing down here. The tower of Pisa and the area around Tirrenia. All very laid back and comfortable in the atmosphere. Small streets, shops and family run restaurants all around..

I am still feeling fresh in my body and the soreness is about to go from the legs. I may get some massage on it today from some of the others down here, just to get circulation going. Should go the trick until tomorrow.

All well 🙂