Even Kenyan newspapers write about wrongful accusations against Norwegian skiing

There has been a series of newspaper articles in Norway lately around a TV program in the Norwegian Channel 2 on Wednesday. As I understand it they indirectly accused the Norwegian skiers to be involved with suspecious use of medicines/doping in the…

early 90s. Now it turns out that the accusations were plain wrongful and based on facts that were totally mixed up. This has been proven and the TV channel has apologized the program. But to illustrate what damage they have done:

They have hurt Norwegian skiing reputation badly. So badly that even in Kenya, the newspapers are writing about Norwegian winter athletes being accused for doping. The Daily Nation, one of three nationwide newspapers down here had an article about it. Imagine it : In a country that has never had snow. You can read these things. Even up in Eldoret, a remote place in Africa. Where skiing and even Norway are words that you would never find in the newspapers. And not only that ; they wrote about the scandal and doping yesterday. Today you don’t find a single line about the TV channel admitting the enourmous mistake. When you see that, you understand how impossible it is to take back the written word and ”make up” for the damage. I hope the people involved considered this before they aired the program..

All is still well here. Nice, short tracksession this morning. Just to get some tension in sore and tired legs at the end of a long altitude stay πŸ™‚