Finally ready to race tomorrow

Due to a small infection I have been unable to train for the last two days. But I feel 100 % fine now so I should be ok for the 1500 m. tomorrow. I could already feel some problems coming after the race on Saturday. It has been 1 1/2 years since my…

body has been able to work at full speed during a race so the whole system was probably in major stress after that race. But after the two days of rest I went on an easy jog today and was not having much problems.

I read in some newspapers that the Meet Organizer is preparing the 1500 meter race to be an attempt for me on the Norwegian Record (!) Strangly, this is not to my knowledge :)) I will only go out there to run a nice, comfortable race with the pack and take it from there. But definately no attempt whatsoever for the 1500 meter record… it is not the time or place to do such a fast 1500 meter race.

After the race I hope to do a bit of aerobic distance work after losing some important hard trainings this week. I never like to try and catch up with lost work but I do like to adjust the schedule a bit so that you are certain that you bring with you the work needed to run fast when it really matters.