From Athens, after the Olympic heats

The Olympic heats ended today with a much different result than I had wished for.

After a very good season, with stability at a high level all through I had hoped to perform well here in Athens. It is not a good experience to be beaten out…

of the heats with that kind of a season behind you. But either way, excuses or explainations will not take you anywhere now. It will never be written in the resultlists that are presented anyways. So the best and only way is it leave it behind you and look ahead.

The season before the Olympics has been much more that I could have hoped for. I am glad I have a body that can race like it used to and a body that has been working fine for six months from February when things started to change around, up until very recently. So things look promising for future running with more of those months and that helps your motivation.

I will leave it at that. Not much more to say. Diappointed but things like this happen in a running career. You have to learn from it, leave it behind and move on. I will, of course, be back again πŸ™‚

Late night in Athens,