From Monte Gordo, Portugal

We arrived Portugal yesterday, after an early flight we had plenty of time for a training session yesterday evening in the beautiful weather and 21 C. A bit longer than planned but when you have training conditions like this it is inspirational to…

just keep on going 🙂

100 meters outside of the hotel we are staying, there is a forest reserve on both sides of the road providing perfect soft surfaces all through. A mix of cinder and hard packed mud makes it very soft on the legs. It sort of reminds me of Italy last year where we had similar great running conditions. There, I managed to put in probably one of the most consistant training camps in the last few years due to the surface and good training temperature. Hopefully this will be the case this year also.

A huge group of Scandinavian runners will be down here. Just in our hotel we will be over 150 (!) Then there are other hotels with Norwegians around here plus groups from other nations. So it should be close to 250 runners in total. Quite different than Kenya, when I sometimes was the only white man within miles. But is is nice with some change sometimes. Plus, as in South Afria, the living conditions here are excellent. Adds to the total atmosphere..

We will be doing the first quality session down here today. About 15-20 of our group have arrived already, but about ten more will come Monday.

From Monte Gordo, Portugal!

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