Good week of training

I have been back in Sandefjord to my parents place for Eastern Break so a bit of time inbetween the updates. There I have been running my workouts on the same paths as I have since I was a little kid. Quite nice – you know every little corner and…

exactly what times you have been hitting before.

I have had a very good week of training with fresh legs and nice training times. Today was 1000 meter repeats on cinder by the Sognsvann lake. A very hard session. I hate those 1000s. They are much easier on the track or on the asphalt. But I can run many more of them and get totally worked down by doing them outside of the track instead – as long as possible until I have to get the spikes on. I finished up with some anaerobic threshold work to flush the lactate acid out of my legs. A smart way to recover faster from the session.

Tomorrow is some spike work on the track and some plyometric work (jumping). It is time to get a bit more adjusted to the track now even though I run with spikes every week year around.