Great track session this morning

This morning I did a special session designed by Mr. Coe (father of Sebastian) before I left for St.Moritz. I like those sessions, because they are at various paces and extremely challenging. They test all parts of me as a runner – endurance, speed,…


Todays special session was a 1200 meter-1000 meter-600 meter -2×400 meters and 3×200 meters. A quite short session, but just brutal in the making. He starts me off at a hard pace. After the first repetition I have a short recovery. Then the pace get quicker and quicker on each run, but the recovery gets shorter and shorter…at the end is only 1/4 of the first one….At 1850 meters altitude, you can definately feel it.

I managed to hit the exact times he had put down, and I was surprised and pleased. I floated well, and despite the altitude I was extremely sharp and strong. The times I was running would easily be a great session at sea level as well. Which shows me that I am in great shape, and (like I already knew) I do not need an acclimatization period when I go to altitude anymore. I can just jump right into it.

So all well here in St.Moritz !


ps : pictures from the race in Floro is out on the web under “pictures”…Frank was unable to shoot during the race, but there are some prerace-postrace shots. I have also sent pictures from St.Moritz home now, and they should be out on the web shortly.