Great training this morning

did a long weightsession before another long run. Total of 6 hours of continous training….puh…..

The tracksession was a surprise. I floated well, and Henrik and I changed the pacemaking. I did the first lap and he the other. I have a little bit pacejudgement, so that is our usual routine. He was looking strong the whole way and had no problem following me. The lactic acid tests showed the same – we had almost the exact same values. This 14.09 5000 meter runner is finally getting tuned into the program. Which is great for him and great for me. Finally I have a good training partner here in Norway in the winter.

I will attend on a press confrence tomorrow concerning the Bislett Stadium where they host the Bislett Games Golden League. The track where they have set more then 50 world records, and I have my personal 5000 meter best from. They were suppose to build a new stadium at the price of some 80 million US$ but now things are going back and forth. The old stadium is close to falling apart….Very sad if they cannot go through with it. It would be a major setback for Norwegian athletics if these plans are changed……so I feel obligated to support things the best I can.

All from Norway,