In Gothenburg, briefly

In Gothenburg, briefly

I flew in from Switzerland last night and directly to the European Champs area in Gotenburg. We stay in a hotel quite close to the stadium – only 500 meters away. Just to get checked in and ready, plus to get some treatment on my legs.
Published: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 by Marius

The physio that was with me to London, Klas Eliasson who I have worked with for some years, was here to take care of me as well as the rest of the medical/team.

Then I will travel back again this evening to Oslo. Back in Oslo I have Johnny Høgseth plus Ynve Sundfjord who has been in teaching with Johnny for a couple of years now. He was with me the first part of my St Moritz June stay, knows my muscles well and has done an excellent job after being taught wisely by his master 🙂

I am now resting after altitude. Just taking it very easy + keeping the system going somewhat with shorter sessions. The heats of the 5000 meters is on Thursday and the finals on Sunday. I was also entered in the 10000 but will not run there (it has been pretty clear for a while now) Of course because of the leg problem but also because I think it is better for me to focus on my core event – the 5k and not risk going into that tired from a 10000 only a few days before.

All well from Gothenburg !