Kenya – feels far away from everything ?

With the Iraqi crises getting more and more intense we had an interesting talk yesterday. We feel very safe in Kenya but recently the US according to Kenyan papers had sent some warnings in the internet about travelling to Kenya. We could not…

believe it because it feels (and is) very safe up in quiet Eldoret. But when you start thinking about Kenya as a country you realize :

Their neighbor Sudan is at civil war. Their neighbor Somalia is in civil war. Their neighbor Ethiopia is in conflict with Eritrea. Their neighbor Uganda is in conflict with Rwanda over troops in Congo. Plus you have had two terrorist attacks in Kenya (US embassy in 98 and the Mombasa bomb recently) over the last few years…

The newspapers here are full of stories every day. It seems like the politicians of such a very young democracy are the real idols in Kenya. With scandals, affairs, money and fame. And many prominent people really want to be one of them.

Talked to a friend yesterday that wants to go into politics. He is very smart and has travelled alot. We came into a small discussion over political systems etc.. and got into former Eastern Europe and how many people had suffered economic there. With his eyes wide open he said very surprised : “Of yeeeees. I was in St.Petersbourg a few years ago, and there the mzungos were even asking ME for money!”.. I can just picture it. A mzungo asking a Kenyan for “a little something”…must have been the total shock for him πŸ™‚

I did some long series of 30 sec repeats yesterday and was feeling fine. After full disco (with African drums) right outside our hotelwindow on the full night Saturday I was happy to still fell fresh on Mondays workout.