Kenya in January

I have been working on my travel schedule for the coming year and it now looks like it will be Kenya in January, like the last 3 years.

I like the idea of having the same starting point every year. By doing so – at altitude, you are able to…

monitor very precisely how your body is progressing. The margines up there are much smaller, so if you need more rest, more endurance etc, you will get that idea much faster. Plus I have plenty of tests runs there and lots of people to train with.

The rest of the year is not planned yet. It will consist of altitude camps back-to-back of course but I am not sure when and where exectly yet. Either way, it will first be targeted for the Bislett Games that comes already the 11th of June. You have to be well prepared on home field.

Training runs have been going well lately. We have been blessed with a very mild fall here, so no snow yet ! Last year, we had the first heavy snow already in the middle-late October. So if it stays like this just another week or two I am more than happy. Tomorrow is another treadmill run. Some shorter intevalls but controlled intensity and progressive speeds. By “warming up” the system first you are sure not to build lactate acid this time a year. Later, once I am in good shape again, I will start at a speed much closer to ending speed. By that time your system will be 100 % ready for it 🙂