Last sessions on the outdoor track…..

Now the snow has started to come, and I have probalby run one of the last sessions on the track for the year. Yesterday I did 8×800 meters and floated really well. I wish the track would stay clear for just another month until Kenya…

I went…

out to Nittedal Athletics club, outside Oslo, this evening to do my part of a project we are doing in “Aktives Organisasjon” ( Athletes Organization). We are trying to have the best athletes go out to local clubs once in a while to keep in touch with the young, promising athletes. Too many times, all the elite ones are in the big cities and there is therefore a gap between the young ones and the elite. It is a small thing to do, but it is important to do these things to keep the young ones into athletics.

I will have another treadmill run tomorrow. They are mentally (and physically) challenging and just a thing I have to do – sort of just go through the movements and get it over with. It is all about focus, and I challenge myself when I do not feel up to it – because in a race you never know when you have to move and you need to be prepared to be mentally focused in any given situation.

All well from me,