Last treadmill session tomorrow before depature Kenya

To make sure I get down to Kenya fully recovered I will take it easy the last two days before depature down there. That means a treadmill session tomorrow.

I feel ready to go down there again now. My experience is that you need at least…

three weeks to fully recover at sea level before going up again to get the full benefit of both the altitude training and the post-altitude work. Ideally about 4 weeks. But because of the weather I will only stay home a bit over 3 weeks this time.

Interesting read yesterday. I found an article yesterday where Paula Radcliffes coach, Alex Stanton, was quoted that her marathon training made her whole system of training complete. It is interesting thoughts. They actually manage to use the marathon training for improvement in shorter distances. Many athletes go up to the marathon but are unable to find the right combination with shorter work and just end up staying at the marathon. But when you know that the marathon runners in general are the athletes with the highest anaerobic threshold and you at the same time know that the one single factor that best will determine the performance in 3/5000 meter is the anaerobic threshold pace you have (showed in many studies), then you can see that the combination of marathon work and 5000 meter training (if done correctly) can make great results.

I especially think this is the case for sea level athletes. It is a way to bring the endurance up to the level that high altitude runners have from natural altitude (and training) from birth.

All well !