Leaving for Greece tomorrow

I have started packing for Greece now and the travel down to the island of Lesvos tomorrow. It feels kind of strange going through that in the middle of watching the already started Games on TV.

In Sydney I took off almost a month before I…

had to race – getting used to the time change. Which was fine preventing jetleg going into the race, but way too long in terms of preparation. So this time I know the routine. About 8 days on Lesvos, then only two days before going into the Olympic Village. As little as possible time at that place. One of the main reasons is the atmosphere there – the strange mix of 4000 athletes, either very tense/nervous before or disappointed/extremely happy with after their performance. The wide range of feelings, as this is a “once in a lifetime” thing, will affect most athletes before their competition – either way you look at it. You have to be aware of this and plan thereafter.

Training has been going fine since the Norwegian Championships. The last track session will be tonight, so that I can rest properly the first days in the heat down there. No injury problems or anything so plenty of time to do the last tapering needed.

One and a half weeks to go now :)))