Local roadrunners wondering who we are…

roadrunners that are good for 31-32 minutes 10km in altiude and they actually have some good races up here in La Paz. So they were doing a good workout but were quite surprised when I came(running an extremely hard session) passing them. I could see it in their eyes : ” I hope that guy is not training for the same races as we are” :))) At the end I had 10 of them just standing there looking..

The workout was up and down on a cliffarea in La Paz. Nice cinder, but extreme up and downhills. I was absolutely dying uphill and floating downhill. A great, great workout for the whole system.

Then we went to the track for the afternoon workout. Now we are getting to know many of the athletes and coaches. Good to get tips about La Paz from them. Our vocabulary is growing daily, and we are picking up little things all the time. Plus some of the Bolivian athletes are high class and know ok English.

We are leaving back to our camp now. With a taxi. Whatever a Taxi means down here. Yesterday a guy approached us and had about 40 Taxi-signs in his hands and asked if we wanted to buy one :)) Now we realize why about every other taxi breaks down here….

All well from here 🙂