More testing :)

The normal winter procedure continue with frequent testing to ensure that things are well underway. This Wednesday the team I am working with met again for a brief meeting and a standarized test session at the Top Athletics center. It is not only…

motivational for a hard working athlete to have people like that around you while doing those sessions, it also provide you with the security you need to really keep going on the right track. You can just see and feel how you are being watched throughout the session – every stride you take and ever measurement that comes out. All closely monitored and questioned to the smallest detail. I come out of this sessions not only physically tired but also mentally tired from the constant challenges you get. We are lucky to have access to the test-lab at the Top athletics center on those tests. That way, things are easy to compare as this is the best calibrated treadmills around. You have to be quite aware of this, as a comparison the new treadmills they have at the center (Woodway) are around 1.5 km/hr different than some of the old ones in speed ! That is a huge difference – making around 45 sec difference in a 5km if you try and predict max time on a well trained 5km athlete. So you have to always look for those factors and not be “blinded” just by the speed you see on the screen.

I have had two easy days after Wednesday, which is very, very rare. But afte a very long period of hard training, topped by this test, I needed it. Tomorrow I will go hard again, fully refreshed..