Moving into Athens, hot days here

Soon I will leave Lesvos and go into Athens…into the Olympic zone finally 🙂

We hit 37 degrees C today so plenty of heat to get used to. I did the run in the middle of the day like normal, just to get the extra hot weather acclimatization….

It will be interesting to see, but as I race already at 19.55 local time (20.55 Norw time) it will probably be in the mid 30s. Most of the prelims in the longer races are later but the mens 5k is just a bit earlier.

I am looking forward to Athens now. A week here is about perfect timing. Now I need change of atmosphere.

Easy run today. I took with me Klas, the physio on the run to keep the pace as slow as possible but he fell off after about 15 minutes 🙂 A nice man who has done an excellent job getting my legs ready for Wednesday. Leif has now moved to the car from riding the bike and followed as I climbed uphill one of the cinder tracks around here. Nice to have some company during those easier runs..

Time for some packing 🙂