Muscle training and progression for the track season

I am slowly and gradually tuning into the track season now. With good plyometric sessions combined with track work and strength. I have very good experience with this kind of work in preparation for the first races. It gives you back the sting in…

the stride while at the same time preserving “peaking energy” for when it really matters.

We had a snowfall here in Oslo last week but it is all gone now. So I hope we will see the sun and feel the spring again soon. It helps you get an extra lift in the workouts when you start going faster.

A while ago we discussed spending the whole of April in Kenya like I did in 2001. I am really glad I did not. They say it has been the heaviest rainfall there in 10 years now – and EVERYTHING is basically floating in mud :)) Sometimes it is better to be home even though Kenya is great…

From Oslo,