Mzungo doing fine

I am running the workouts now with a local Kenyan athlete. A 19 year old, quite fresh in the game but with some talent. He came to run the first workout on Monday. Poor guy, he thought the session was never going to end 🙂 It was one of the longest…

treshold workouts I do – and I only do them at altitude and when I am fresh in my legs. After 60 minutes he dropped out and I finished by myself. But today, on a similar workout he was with me the whole way. So he is getting quickly used to the work.

He still has to build some more running muscles though. He is now 1.80 tall and 56 kg 🙂 I asked about his diet and it consisted of the following : breakfast tea with sugar, lunch ugali (packed maize) with some milk if avaliable, dinner ugali…. try that and run three workouts during the same day 🙂

I am now midway through the altitude stay and I am still feeling fine. I have had two really tough weeks here and will go easy the next one. I need it now to keep the system in balance. In the easy week I will focus more on speed, plyos and strength before going back to the hard distance work again.

You find some strange running examples here sometimes. The guard outside the hotel is one example. He works from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening. He stands outside the hotel the whole day on his feet and have very little to eat and drink. His workout schedule ? Very simple : 32 km in the morning as hard as he can. 32 km in the evening as hard as he can. Every day… We have given him some guidance now so hopefully he will improve a bit. You need a LITTLE more system than that 🙂 Aneasy day or two for example…. or maybe some more speed work.. but it still says alot about the mental attitude. Go out and run. Simple as that.

Very easy workouts this evening in great weather here in Eldoret,