National team gathering from tomorrow

The national track team has one of its teamgatherings this weekend. Usually, we have those a few times a year. It will be intersting now to see their new “path” for the future. I have been in the national team system since 1996 now (first as a…

junior) and have heard all the visions, plans and goals. Problem has been, that most have never been actually followed and evaluated afterwards – but only been replaced by even more visions and goals. Very unprofessional. Hopefully now they will find a way that they will stick to. Norwegian athletics needs a lift after years of poor performance. And predictability and an understanding of the raw preparations/performances needed to succeed from the central organization would at least be a good start to that.

I am also hoping that some of the old “drive” will come back during/through the new path. We saw some of it in February on the first team meeting under the new sports director, Tømmernes. He was headhunted from outside of the athletics system, which was a great way to break with the old pattern. Something happened from 2000 when old stars like the two Olympic Champions Rodal and Hattestad left the track arena for good. Something about the whole mentality. But, like I said, things have started to slowly turn in the right direction under the new system and I hope that trend will continue. And that the willingness for results and extraordinary solutions also sits central in the administration now.

We will finish up on Sunday. A nice break from the normal training. Everything is fine there and the trainings are progressing very well.