New Norwegian/Nordic record in Brussels :)

I set a new personal record this evening in the 3000 meters here in Brussels. The time was 7.40.77. I was quite surprised, because I have been extremely tired after the World Champs in Edmunton. The stress there, travelling for over a month and the…

time zone change.

I was feeling fine during the race. I passed the 1000 meters in 2.34, 3 secs off the leaders. Then a 2.36 before a 2.30 last km. I picked up the record (old one 7.42) on the final 200 meters. The first 1000 meters I got easy because I had people to run right after. Then the last 1000 meters was just to push hard. I got 13th overall, behind a bunch of Africans. 10 seconds to the winner, so I am getting closer for every try. That is extremely insipring for me. I am 23 years old and got plenty of years in front of me.

The atmosphere was great on the stadium. 50 000 people… was LOUD. No wonder people produce good times here !

So now my season is over. And I am really satisfied. I got a 9th place in the World Champs, personal records in the 1500, 2000, 3000 and the 5000 meters, the last three Norwegian records, and the last two also Nordic records.

Time to rest…..take a nice break from running and just do nothing. Wish me good luck with it :)))

Marius, from Brussels Belgium