New Norwegian record in the 2000 meters

I am very pleased with the seasons start in Florø yesterday. I was really looking forward to testing my body in an outdoor race now after a miserable last year.

We went out at a nice pace. The pacemaker from Poland only managed to lead for…

200 meters (!) so one of the Kenyans took over. He is the younger brother of Daniel Komen and looked quite fresh for most of the race. So I stayed behind him until the 1200 meters. I then passed him and turned on the pace. It was nice and even – and the 1500 meter was passed in +/- 3.45 – not sure of the exact splits. It was the kind of race I wanted so that I could stretch my body nice and hard. It was three seconds better than the old record from 1974.

I will now do a low key 1500 meter next weekend in Tønsberg near my birthplace. That will be fun. It is a national race (with some of the Florø Kenyans in it) in the middle of a teenage track meeting so a good thing to participate in. Everything of course to buildup until the Bislett Games and the Golden League meetings that will start at the end of the month.

It feels nothing but great to be back racing well again. After a very difficult year – just to feel the stride being back again. The power, the drive. That is what I like and what I run for..


Link to photo/article from the race :

1 31 Marius Bakken, 78 NOR 5.01,48
2 36 Ali Maataoui, 80 MAR 5.03,13
3 32 Ken Koima Komen, 84 KEN KEN 5.05,26
4 25 Peter Biwott, 76 KEN 5.05,65
5 37 David Flückiger SUI 5.11,15
6 34 Per Erik Wullum, 74 NOR 5.13,51
7 38 Daniel Kemboi, KEN 5.19,39
8 39 Bjørnar Kristensen,82 NOR 5.23,75
9 40 Joachim Brøndbo,85 NOR 5.24,39