On the net again

Finally on the internet again after arriving Kenya. It feels good to be down in the warm weather and run on the soft surface you find around here. And with only a bit over three weeks at home the acclimatization phase is much easier than what it…

normally is.

So I have done two intervall sessions here so far. One of them quite comfortable the other one harder. It will be the last altitude camp of pure endurance focus before the gradual tapering period starts in May (very gradual – I will not rush it as the World Champs in Paris is in late August)

It is very quiet here this time. The Somalian peace conference has been moved down to Nairobi and we are only two Norwegians here at the moment. The peace conference was here for 5 months and during that time up to one thousands people were in town for it. So things like the taxi business was great at that moment. With the result that now –you have twice as many taxis as before but no work to do…and those who made more money during the conference have not saved a shilling. Typical down here – they tend to think day by day with not much planning :))

I read an article yesterday that the coaches down here try to get the running tracks upgraded. I understand them. Think about it – they have three tracks in the area. Two in Eldoret. One of them is only 394 meters around (Chepkolele) while the other one, Kipchoge, has so many bumps and people using it that it is almost useless. The last one is in Iten but also VERY worn down. It should be fairly cheap to build a three lane weather track (tartan) – especially for the shoe companies that have benefitted with million of dollars from the athletes in the Rift Valley area. But I guess that will not happen in my lifetime 🙂

From Eldoret,