Planning my sea level training

I am soon to leave from Utah now, to get down to sea level. In that way I will get the very good period from day 14-21 after altitude in Edmunton and the World Champs there.

I have been looking at some statistics lately, and it will be…

extremely tough there ! This year, we do not have so many athletes from 12.55 and down (fastest so far is 12.58), but there is a great depth around 13 minutes. In addition to that, many athletes have prepared quietly for the Worlds (like the Ethiopians) I have do run extremely well do advance there….I not only have Africans, but also ex-Africans now running for European nations plus strong athletes like Mark Carroll and Adam Goucher (recently running low 7.30s in the 3000 meters) to struggle with. I would say at least 10-12 Africans in the final. What a challenge to get there ! 🙂 I am looking forward to it, because I know I have to be at my best. That is a part of the game and what I am striving for.

Frank is back in Norway now for a while. But he will be in the US soon, after getting some things done in Norway. Poor guy, back and forth over the Atlantic 🙂

I will run my last couple of hard sessions at 3000 meters altitude tomorrow. My body is getting ready for some rest now, I have trained very hard for the last week after Bislett. I am breaking my body down, to build a new peak for Edmunton. Hopefully it will work like planned.

All well from Utah,