Press relase today

Press relase today

I have sent out a press release today concerning my running career. I took some time after the season to figure out what to do, in terms of running and school.
Published: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 by Marius

We have now done the switch from more theoretical work in school to spending our days at hospitals doing clinical work for the next year. Very interesting, but it also requires more long continous work.

So I have decided to put the focus on this for the schoolyear to come. Right now I have really no plans in terms of the time after that, I will just start to do the detraining now for health reasons as I have been training twice daily for the last 11 years. I have been asked today if this is merely a rest year or what but I would not call it that. It is just a matter of what I wish at the moment  but at the same time it is impossible to tell what the future will bring. And it is really not something one has to decide right now 🙂

This page will still be up for a while, before deciding what to do with it.

From Oslo,