Press Conference with the Bislett Games

Yesterday they had one of the “Bislett Games preview” press conferences at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo. It is now only a bit over two weeks until the Bislett Games, and they went through all the lineups in the events. For the 5000 meters I think they…

have come up with a perfect mix of Africans and Europeans. The field is as strong as ever, but this year they have also managed to get a few Spanish athletes, French, Belgian etc. That means that the race will not only provide a chance for some good times, but also give you a good feel with the other Europeans before the European Championships.

It is still going better in practice. I have had three good quality sessions since the last update, and the they have all been like planned. Especially Mondays track session where I did a standarized 400 meter session that I have done for many years. Frank took lactate acid tests and after 2/3 of the session he pulled me out. He wants me to stay fresh from now on and not rush things. I do not have time for mistakes at this point of the game πŸ™‚

Two weeks to go,