Racing in Heusden the 2nd of August

In one week I will race a 5000 meter in Heusden, Belgium. It is a Grand Prix race so the level should be quite good.

Training has been going fine up here. A good mix of endurance and speed. It is important to respect the altitude (where…

anaerobic work has a much greater negative impact than at sea level) but at the same time be in the competition mode. To balance this is one of the keys to successful altitude training, in particular when you are in the middle of the season.

Interesting view yesterday ; Sepeng of South Africa (1.42 800), Bucher (1.42/World Champ 800) Som/1.43 800 and Liefers (3.31 1500 meter) were running a very hard track workout together on the St Moritz track. You very seldom see this kind of teaming up in training in the middle distances at that kind of level. Needless to say, the speeds were quite high 🙂

All well,