Ready for a new season

I now feel ready for next year. The three weeks of break has been good for me. Now it is time to start working again and plan next year. I will start daily training on Wednesday and start double sessions in about a week, after adjusting my body to…

running again. I normally take the first week for adjustments, but then I start hard training almost right away. One of my strenghts in that my body adapts to physical stress very well and I can almost train as much as I like (but, of course I work towards the optimal, not the maximum training load 🙂 ).

I usually use the fall for experimenting with different training strategies (periodization, recovery, strength etc.) before I take the best out of it and fit it into the training from the year before. In that way I still keep the best things that worked the year before but at the same time I challenge myself as a runner.

All for now – enjoying my last days of running break –