Ready for Bislett tomorrow !

I am really looking forward to running on home soil tomorrow. The Bislett Games has always been special to me. As a young kid I went to the meeting and watched the big stars and it was one of my inspirations to be a runner. Then later I got to run…

in a national youth field 800 meter in a pre-event there. And now I am part of the main field in the 5000 meters. It is very, very inspiring to see that you can take those steps.

So how do I feel the day before the race ? I do think the expectations are high – many have talked about the Norwegian record of 13.11. Myself – I am a bit unsure. I had a good 1500 meter last weekend, but my legs have been a bit tired lately. That can go either ways – you can run very fast or moderate. It all depends on if your body takes the “right turn” before the race. It is really up in the air this time and hard to tell. But I have done my job and it should be ok.

I will watch some of the meet before I go warmup tomorrow. I like to rest a little bit at the Stadium before going out to get ready. That is sort of a part of my regular routine. Then it is callrooms and all that before the meeting. But I have been to the place so many times it really feels like I am on the homefield.

I will see how I feel in the first two laps tomorrow and then determine the rest of the race. Hopefully I will be sharp and fast šŸ™‚

Wish me good luck – and all fingers crossed.