Recovered after the European Cup

I have had a few easy day recently to recover from the European Cup. Just to make sure things are ok before the preparation for the next competition. I arrived the European Cup straight from exams the day before so the race though easy took a few…

days to get out of the system 🙂

We have (finally!) had some nice warm days here in Oslo recently. Which feels great for the legs. The warm weather in itself is nice, but also the hormonal effect you get from the sun.

Went through the old statistics on the Norwegian federation page the other day. Quite interesting, they have published all the Top performance lists all time – from the age of 13 and upwards. To illustrate how specific training works, look at this – which is the far end (last column) of the 60 meter top performance list for 16 year olds
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Funny, the 2nd place finisher in the Norwegian 100 meter final last year right next to the top Norwegian 5000 meter runner on the list 🙂 Alot of things can happen through those training years..

7,2 Jarle Øvstegård Langevåg IL Ålesund 12.06.1991
7,2i Ørjan Tveit Ås IL(1)Skedsmo 22.02.1992
7,2 Kristian Fagerland IL Skjalg (1)Stavanger 25.06.1992
7,2 Robert Asad IL i BUL (2)AOslo/La 24.09.1992
7,2i Mats Tonning IF Herkules (1)Sandefjord 27.12.1992
7,2 Tri M. Dang IK Tjalve (1) Oslo/Bi 30.09.1993
7,2i Marius Bakken IL Runar (2) Sandefjord 27.12.1994
7,2i Martin Rypdal IL i BUL, Tromsø(2)h Mo i Rana 20.01.1996
7,2 Steinar Lundemo Stjørdal FIK (1)Flornes 25.05.2000

Hard intervalls tomorrow evening outside the track. Hopefully getting a good feel and plenty of distance in there..

All well form Oslo 🙂