Recovering from the race – Norwegian Champs in 5 days.

My body is now into the important healing period after a race. Even though I was more tired and “burned” after last years Rome effort, a 5000 meter always takes a few days to recover from. At the same time, I must keep my body going a bit. I have…

the Norwegian Championships 1500 meter on Saturday, where I will be challenged by fast 800 meter specialists. It might be a bit too close to the 5000 meter for full recovery/effort, but I will do my best.

It has been nice to have some easy days after Rome. The day after the race, I went on an easy run in one of Romes old parks “Villa Pamphelia”. Beautiful little paths through gardens, flowers and sculptures. A taste of Italy for sure. I like to look around a bit when I am out travelling. Otherwise I know I will regret it later. Especially when the race is over – there is no reason to just sit in the hotelroom until you go back home again.

Then I did a little bit of running yesterday. Just so much that I will recovery faster without breaking down my body more. Recovery is the main aim now. I have the Bislett Games Golden League here in Oslo, only 11 days away (5000 meters)… important meet for me to do well in, on home soil. And I love the track there – it is so fast with long straightaways and short curves. Perfect for a long distance athletes. Plus it is only 5 minutes away from where I live, and I can get ready with no disturbances.

After that I am off to the US and Salt Lake City for altitude training, leaving the 15th of July. This to get prepared for the World Championships in Edmunton……got the final signal from the federation today that I have been picked.