Snow, snow, snow!

It has just started snowing here in Oslo now. I had just finished up my run, thinking how great running conditions were now before it started.

So now, I guess it is down to Frognerkilen tomorrow for the intervall trainings 🙂 Especially as…

the treadmills at the top athletics center have been out of order recently.

Though I have to say I dislike the Norwegian winters, it also brings certain benefit with it.

I spoke to Ingrid Kristiansen about it once. She claimed that it was maybe better to stay in the south-east areas of Norway during the winter (vs. west), as the winter conditions naturally made the running a bit slower so that you got a good progression towards the summer.

I have to agree with her. Spending time in the US, close to Indianapolis at University there, we had the “perfect” winters. Seasons, but very mild winters. However, I found it hard to get the real periodization there like I get here in Norway – especially when the Norwegian winter is alternated with training camps in warm conditions. Then you get really hard training while gone, and easy enough easy running on the more snowy surfaces in Norway. Plus a real booster in training when the spring sets in! Nothing like April and May in Norway when you feel the season getting closer 🙂

Not much news in training. Just doing the daily training like I should and getting in the mileage needed in between my studies.

From snowy Oslo!