Some beautiful days down here !

We have had absolutely beautiful weather lately. After (some rare) rainshowers for two days, running and resting conditions have been very close to perfect. Warm and fresh air after the rainfalls, soft mud on the roads and no wind at all. Put that…

into a relaxing life at 2200 meters altitude and you can understand why we are here….

Tomorrow is another hard day. Henrik and I have had real problems getting out of bed lately, due to the hard workouts. Your head says yes but your legs say no…..we are therefore considering getting up even earier, at 6.30 just to get a kick start of the day. We have done it before and the eyesight is incredible. You run out just before the sun comes up and reach the Platue (Savannah) just when the red sun is on its way up. It is so quiet, and as you are running the intervalls you can see how life is starting to form around you. People on the way to town, washing of clothes and the little kids getting up. So we will see…

Our favourite taxi driver, George, is out of town at the moment, so we have found another one. Who has the strangest comments on things. A true example of the cultural clash you find sometimes. Today we discussed the weather in Norway with him and he simply refused to believe that is could be below 0 degrees celsius in Norway. His argument was simple : “You need cows to survive. If it is that cold you have to keep your cows inside your house and no one has space enough to do that” Argument closed :))

Time to relax. Long away from the rain and stress of Norway…..