Some reflections

I have slowly started the planning for the coming year.

After this season I needed some time, just to get recovered mentally and physically before starting the buildup in training. First I started progressing the workouts and now it is time…

to also get in the right mental mode.

It will be my seventh year on top level and it is very easy to fall into the same old pattern and rythms from previous years without really giving yourself a challenge. Therefore you need wakeup calls on the way. I am lucky because I have worked with and work with people who are very professional in their work. They know me and they know this aspect. Without these people pushing me, the way down to 13.20, 13.30 is very, very short. I have to be professional, not only in the planning and doing – but also mentally.

When I first started long distance running I had Per Halle working with me – and his own experience as a top runner made me hungry to reach where he once was. In my first season I managed 13.22 and the year after that I started working with Frank Evertsen. The attitude we developed during the years together was quite special. To put it quite simply, when I ran 13.09 I could not possible think that I would ever have a season where I ran slower.. it was forward, faster and stronger. It was the way and the only way. Much can be said of what happened in 2002 but either way when I speak to him I still get that attitude out right away. And it is a reminder of what is needed if you want running to go as fast as you want – and give you as much of a challenge as possible.

Two easy days this weekend 🙂