Sprinters help on the session :)

Another very hard Monday session the other day. With great variation of speed, length and continious recovery (quite fast running), a 50-60 minute session can bring be extremely challenging physically and mentally.

Published: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 by Marius

Therefore, it is on those sessions it is the most important for me to have people on the sideline, doing registration underways and pushing through the difficult parts.

On Monday, Leif Olav was not around due to travel and Ståle had meetings all day so we had to come up with a third option in a very short time. Luckily, the sprinter John Ertzgaard was around on the training center, just finishing up the training. So he stepped in for them. And the session turned out great. He is very professional as an athlete (a 20.40 200 meter runner quite young, but has been hampered by a single difficult achilles problem- operated two seasons ago) and his professionalism was clearly shown when he was leading the session also. Quite nice to be pushed through like that and inspirational with another voice around once in a while 🙂 Hopefully he will be back 100 % this year, as the European Champs is a great possibility for the sprinters as well as distance runners. After so many difficult years but still holding this kind of professional attitude he deserves to succeed more than most so will be nice to see.

We have moved into the lower extremeties in school now, going through all the muscles, ligaments and connection point – plus of course the full examination of injuries + other functional difficulties. You feel like you are learning something important every day while doing that and you get a very, very clear understanding of all the major running injuries/problems as well – from a mechanical standpoint. It is so logical if you add that knowledge to knowledge of running 🙂

Time for an evening run now.

All well from Oslo!