Starting with patience

The first trainings have been going well. I have been lucky this year, as the period from rest to training has not been interferred with any nagging injuries like it sometimes is. I believe it is because I have kept the muscles going by running less…

“resting” runs, and instead running only 15-20 minute runs with fast strides. I picked it up from some of the sprinters and it certainly worked well compared to what most others are doing. The endurance will come slowly and grudually as long as the muscular system is working well.

I am very careful not to burn the system at this time. Therefore, all sessions are closely monitored – which is easy as I run all my quality session on the great Woodway treadmills at the Top Athletics Center. Like I have said before, there is no better thing than the treadmill for building endurance. As I test the progress very carefully I can see that it is much more potent in terms of pure endurance building than running outside. I suspect it is because you can keep a higher frequency at a lower lactate level. So I will continue to use it throughout the fall and winter.

From Oslo,