St Moritz!

After travelling all day yesterday I have reached the running mecca St Moritz. This morning I went on an easy one hour run just to freshen up the legs. From being very tired from plenty of hard work the last two weeks back in Norway the change of…

atmosphere is great.

I live just by the StMoritz Baad, about 100 meters from the running track and 20 meters from the endless paths surrounding this small town.

The weekends up here is especially quiet and nice. As you go on runs you meet families going on bike rides, horseriding groups, campers, people sunbathing, barbequeing all around you. Just the perfect holiday atmosphere while at altitude πŸ™‚ For a runner used to travelling to Eldoret (not a very good “family holiday location” :)) ) this place is a nice change.

Tomorrow is a hard session up here. I do not need much of an acclimatization really, 1800 meters is no real altitude after so many days up high (though plenty high enough to give you a lift in fitness). So I can go pretty hard already tomorrow. Up here I have one single aim : to build as much endurance as possible in as little as possible time. Thats it and I know how to do it – it is only a matter of focus. My spikes are with me but will only be used if they can help me achieve that one single aim.

All well from Switzerland,