The Holmenkollen relay and abit on the track today

I ran the Holmenkollen relay this weekend. A huge event here in Norway, going through all of Oslo totalling length of about 17 km. Thousands of runners of all levels participate yearly.

My club Runar has not been able to run there for quite…

some years now, lacking long distance athletes to fill up the longer legs (from 1700 til 2500 meters). So I ran for a company team, far outside “normal” competition. But it was fun, I did the 1700 meters Berg-og-Dal leg, going up and down around the University area. I timed myself and was hoping to compare it to the elites later, as they have had times for each leg in previous years – and published it on the internet. But for some very, very strange reason they did not this year ; I have no idea why.. hopefully it was only a technical problem or something – I cannot understand any good argument to take away this as this comparison possiblity is a great motivation for those running both in the top elites and those (elite runners and others) running in other classes.

I will step on the track again today for some more harder work. With the absolutely beautiful weather we have had here recently (hitting 20+ degrees every day) you have to use that to get the good quality sessions done. Then I will be back in the treadmill midweek to make 100 % sure that the endurance is not dropping because of the more intense work. You have to be quite strict on this otherwise you will find yourself running the best races and workouts in early May.. 🙂

From great days in Oslo,